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The CYF Health Summit was formed by lion Eleanor Britter of the Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club. The Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club (PSILC) is the only Medical Wellness and Educational Club in the lions International Association and serves the needs of all communities around the world with medical clinics that reach thousands every year. Their farmers delivered 150,000 pounds of organic food and 40,000 eyeglasses to homeless shelters, senior centers, schools, families and the needy first in the U.S. and then abroad.

By supporting the summit, you are saving lives by providing valuable resources to bring continued medical and educational services to the community. In 2013, PSLIC provided medical clinics and nutrition workshops to over 10,000 children, seniors and adults in San Mateo county. Even today, people need these services. Counties throughout California are requesting PSILCs medical clinics and nutrition workshops. join PSilCs family of leaders to support the well being of everyone in our communities. Together we build a strong legacy to grace the lives of all our children as we learn how to better care for ourselves.

About Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club

psilcThe PSILC was co-founded by Eleanor and Bill Britter. The club has over half of its members in the medical profession, with its primary focus on health care initiatives in partnership with schools, senior centers and local communities. In 2013, PSILC delivered medical clinics and nutrition workshops to over 10,000 children, seniors and adults in San Mateo County.

As an attendee or sponsor of this event, youre welcomed into a community that is making an incredible difference in the lives of families in our local community and beyond. The CYFH Summit event and other fundraising activities contribute to PSILCs accomplishments:

  • Provided free medical clinics and nutrition workshops to 10,000 + children and adults in San Mateo County, California and surrounding communities.
  • Distributed 38,000 eyeglasses to children and adults through partnership with Zenni Optical.
  • Assist Dr. Mehmet Oz in delivering free clinics in the United States.
  • Provided 150,000 lbs. of organic produce to homeless shelters.
  • Funded by lions Club International, the lions Quest Program helped 2 million youths learned life skills to tackle issues such as drug abuse and violence.

Examples of PSIlCs medical screenings saving lives in the community:

  • Identified worker with Typhoid fever and promptly reported to the authorities, preventing further spread of the disease.
  • Identified 12-year-old with lung cancer and referred to treatment.
  • Identified numerous diabetic children entering episode of diabetic ketoacidosis and referred for immediate treatment.

About Lions International

lionsWho are the Lions? Lions Club International is the worlds largest Service Club Organization with 46,000 clubs and 1.35 million global members.How has lions improved lives?

  • $6 million dollars from lions Clubs around the world to help earthquake victims in Haiti.
  • $12 million youths learned life skills through the lions Quest Program to tackle issues such as drug abuse & violence.
  • $41 million children vaccinated through the lions Measles Initiative.
  • $15 million children screened by Sight for Kids (Joint initiative with Johnson & Johnson).
  • $120 million children receiving eye care services though lions Eye Care Centers.
  • $147 million doses of Mectizan distributed worldwide to treat and control river blindness.
  • $41.5 million raised for the Sightfirst Program, saving eyesight for millions worldwide.
  • $8 million cataract surgeries worldwide.
  • $15 million trees planted by lions worldwide from 20 11-2012 to better the environment.

Todays Health Tip

Tip 010: The Super Foods You Need Everyday

Olive oil ( but don’t cook with it) on your salad or drizzled on you veggies or pasta, why because it is protection against Alzheimer’s disease and high blood pressure, lowers the risk of cardiovascular

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Tip 009: Joint Pain

Try softer foods that are easy to digest, fish oil helps. Eliminate all processed and GMO foods and eat only organic and 100% grass fed meat and chicken and non-farmed fish. When shopping do not

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Tip 008: Poor Digestion

Can be caused by Medications, Stress, Consider glutamine or Vitamin B6, and Omega-3  deficiencies. Consider an Imbalance in the intestinal flora caused by enzyme and fiber deficiencies.

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